Off Duty, On Donuts by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

Off Duty, On Donuts


24 August 2017 at 05:18:32 MDT

I need to stop drawing Garrus but now I've really nailed down how to draw his face so that makes it even harder to do so.

So after the events of ME3 (where Shepard [i]did/[i] survive and lived happily ever after with Garrus) Garrus and Shepard retire to Earth. But because they're both the kind of people that get bored easily, Garrus decided to get back into the force and join the police force.

The good news about being a police officer is that Garrus has a good background so he was able to join the force pretty easily and already made his way to sergeant. After all he has some great expertise.
The more good news is they make dextro-based donuts that taste just like the human ones and they just opened up a new shop next to the station. And since there's a turian officer, they figure it'd be good endorsement to give Garrus free donuts every day.

The bad news (or even more good news??) is that getting free donuts all the time ends up getting you pretty big. Too big. You end up falling into that stereotype of the fat Earth cop that eats donuts all the time.

Oh well, being large has its perks. Means Garrus doesn't need a battering ram to bust doors, he can just use his weight. Plus it'll be hard to get unpinned by him when he's making an arrest. Just don't ask him to chase a perp anytime soon. He's still a hell of a shot though so criminals aren't 100% safe with him fat.

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    You know, this pic finally made me realize that Garrus probably wouldn't give much of a damn if he got fat.

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      Oh no he wouldn't care a whole lot, especially if he could still do everything he used to do.

      His dad however might not be happy at all. XD