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Roll Him to the Med Bay by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

Roll Him to the Med Bay


Wrex: Ah stop complaining Garrus! Besides I wanna see if you can take out a garrison with your size!
Mordin: Oh if your body is able to withstand strong external forces, this could be a new form of biological defenses!!
EDI: My infrared sensors detect that you temperature is quite cool. Perhaps we could put you among the generators to help cool them down. That was a joke.
Joker: Hey guys, ship is taking on a lot of weight for some reason what's going on back there?!
Garrus: Can someone just go get Shepard before I get any bigger, please?

I said I was gonna blueberry Garrus in full in that suit, and here you go! Thought it'd be a good pic to break my hiatus. Summer has been weird but I did have this. This took a while but I am happy with how it came out.

Don't worry Garrus will be fine. He just miiiight be out of the battlefield for a while.

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    he would look awesome if he got bigger also i think captain furry should wind up like that

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    Poor Garrus!

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      Yeah he now has to be at the brunt of my weird pics XD

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        Trust me, I've seen FARRRRRRRRRRRR weirder X3; But he's Garrus freaking Vakarian, he can handle it.

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          That's true he can handle it. Garrus seems to not get embarrassed or mortified easily, unless he's being flirted with.

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    I love it. The sequel to Good in Blue has come alive. That's what I was waiting for and it's perfect. I very much like the dialogue you put into the description and the artwork. For that one medical person, maybe they haven't heard of the word "Blueberry Inflation" before. If someone would tell him that it was blueberry inflation, then maybe he would want to know what it does and how does the reaction start off and end up becoming on a subject? If this one was in a test subject room, it would give the medical creature an idea of how it starts, what it does inside the subject that creates this blueberry round shape.
    "Wrex: Ah stop complaining Garrus! Besides I wanna see if you can take out a garrison with your size!" Uh at first it can work. But the enemy would have probably shot the person so much that juice would be spilling right into the battlefield like crazy. Seriously, a 500 foot tall Turian would start to flood and push around armies all over the place. It would be a mess. Another thing is that the enemy can seize it by using strong equipment to stop the turian rolling. So they would be smart enough to commandeer the turian and put him into their base. They could use him either as an experiment or be used as an ally against shepard's army. So I don't think it's possible to do that. Good idea but it may not work as you planned it.
    Anyway, this will definitely be in my blueberry inflation collection. I do look forward to see more art from you whenever you can get them up here. Thanks for doing this (must've been tiring for you, much like me when writing dialogue or stories) to show others this great artwork you've planned from the other ones. Definitely a favorite to me.

    "I said I was gonna blueberry Garrus in full in that suit" You mean "gonna do a blueberry Garrus"? Just pointing out stuff that I'm reading.

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      The medical person is Mordin, and of course they wouldn't have heard of this before. It's not like this is a common occurrence XD. It really wouldn't tell him much anyways, the only source for it, as EDI points out, is the old Willy Wonka movie which isn't really all that reliable. It doesn't say why or how it really happens.

      Also turian skin is pretty tough, good chance that you couldn't really penetrate Garrus at this point. Also he isn't 500 foot tall, I don't know where you are getting that.

      And I do indeed mean "I was gonna blueberry Garrus". I use "blueberry" as a verb to mean "blueberry inflate" often.

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        1) Not familiar with Mass Effect characters (sorry).

        2) And the wonka film, while it does show what happens to the character when taking the gum doesn't have much evidence to prove why this one in the artwork is filled up with juice.

        3) I wasn't sure if that was true or not. Usually when a person is swelling up as a blueberry, their skin tends to be like a balloon and more likely when a sharp object is pressed on their body, the juice would leak out from that spot onto the floor. But if you're saying that his skin is tough, then my logic is thrown out the window. The 500 feet thing was trying to explain about the boulder part. Since you've mentioned his skin is strong enough I now think he can be a giant boulder. Usually boulders are taller then this one swelling up (haven't done research on the height of the boulders really) so I figured going for the number 5 as in 500 feet tall and wide and I find that to be like a giant boulder from my point of view. That's where I got the idea of a 500 foot tall blueberry would be (If you have seen my stories on Blueberry inflation you might find one where I have the character swell up near 500 feet tall and wide. In reality that person would have been dead by then due to the heart not pumping enough blood to the entire body). If you say this person is at it's height, yes it can be used as a boulder but it wouldn't take out most of the army though. I was thinking "Maybe have him at 500 feet tall and wide would be able to sqiush and kill the army as a whole". That's where I got that idea from.

        4) Ohhh okay, I see what you mean when you put that in your description. I thought it was placed wrong in the sentence. Nevermind =P

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          1) Oh it's fine just clarifying who it is.

          2) And yes that what I just said earlier.

          3) I don't think that's actually true or not? I don't know of anywhere where that is canonical about the skin being like a balloon. That honestly, to me at least, makes less sense because if it's juice then they couldn't be spherical, they'd sag. So their skin would have to be way tougher.

          And I still don't get why you said 500 feet tall? ...or where the "boulder" part came in because boulders were never mentioned before? You're confusing me with this.

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            1) Okay.

            2) Alright, I get it.

            3) It's hard to explain really, because I have no experience of what kind of toughness the creature's skin would be if they are filled with juice though. All I know is that he swells up with juice and someone says that he could be used as a weapon. Which leads me back to this situation.

            4) What I'm trying to say here is that if he swells up to 500 feet tall and wide; In that ship he would have turned it on it's left or right side, thus making it look sideways. If he was a blueberry but in the field where the attack is occuring, they could use him as a boulder to kill the enemies on the battlefield. What I'm afraid of is that once they roll him, the enemy may capture him and take him into their base, making it kinda useless to roll some ally that ends up in the hands of the enemy they're going after. So if I was there to talk to him about the blueberry being used as a boulder, I would tell him it's not a good idea to do so. Maybe squeeze the juice out of him instead of using him as a weapon (I forget HIS FREAKIN' NAME. Dang I don't know ANY Mass Effect Characters at all except Shepard because I think of that as a dog breed name!)

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              3) That doesn't explain what I asked though with this number?

              4) So what I am getting is that the 500 feet tall just came from nowhere and that it was just brought up because you were thinking it.

              Also his name is Garrus. It's in the pic, in the description and in the tags.

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                3) Over these past few days I forget why I asked that in the first place. But I feel the body is suppose to be more squishy or round squishy then it is to be a boulder. So I figured "If Garrius swells up to 500 feet, yes he can be used as a boulder to attack the enemy." How much simplier explaination can I get man? I'm running out of explainations on why & what this happens.

                4) Yes, that is true.

                5) *sighs... If you say so then.

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                  4) Ok cool. That's all I was asking about it.

                  5) What do you mean "if I say so?" I'm just saying if you forget, it's ok, it's in many places for you to find.

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                    4) Yeah.

                    5) aeeh, Alright. I just had a lot on my mind yesterday that's all.