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Garrus' Violet Suit Reference by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

Garrus' Violet Suit Reference


Ok well since I want to get one last pic in for March I decided to do a full pic of Garrus' Violet suit just like I said!

As you can see it's a mix of both types: the original darker blue buttoned suit and the newer jumpsuit. I think it honestly turned out pretty ok. I know it's really rough but this was just a sketch, I never planned to do a full pic honestly of it with proper ink lining or proper coloring.

I did use some refs for this pic however I can't seem to find them anymore? It was mainly just for the body outline and also how to do turian hands. If I do find it I will update this description with it.

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    The first one I saw from you I was like "Alright, that's nice, he drinked wine that swelled him up as a blueberry." But when you made this, ohhhh man now that's makes me love it even more. This one I'm definitely gonna download into my blueberry inflation images collection. (What I'm really looking for is blueberry inflation images that is high resoultion or at least above 1000x1000. Those image sizes is what I'm looking for just to let you know. =3)

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      Well I'm glad you like it. Why are you specifically looking for images that big though?

      And if you want that, most of my blueberry pics are higher than that resolution.

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        The reason why I'm looking for larger images is to zoom in on the body itself. Sure I could use the preview application to zoom in even more but I'm using Adobe Lightroom a lot and it has it's limits on how far you can zoom into the image.

        Alright, I'm just saying the minimum. I also look on Google Images to find certain sizes (Like 2MP or 8MP images of Blueberry inflation, although I doubt I'll find anything over 4000x4000 size.)

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          Uh...ok? Why do you want to zoom in on the body though that much?

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            For sexual reasons.

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              Well now I kinda regret that I asked.

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                *Shrugs... It really shouldn't affect you working on your art really. I'm just being honest really. Anyway I look forward to see you make a after swelled up version of this one to see what it looks like.

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                  I get that you're being honest but that I feel was sharing a bit too much. And now I feel weird with having started the conversation with basically talking about something you do for sexual reasons.