Business is Big and Booming by The-Nocturnal-Rodent

Business is Big and Booming


27 August 2016 at 02:30:30 MDT

Well since Talespin isn't ever gonna back (unless someone wants to maybe, I don't know, bring it back? Because they should), Don has gotten sick of being out of the Disneysphere for so long. But it's hard to get a job at Disneyland when you're not as prominent of a character, especially when you're a villain.

So why not set up shop and prove people want you? Which is what Don did, setting up shop with a little stand, offering autographs and hugs for food and money. Because the food there is expensive and he damn well isn't gonna pay for it!

It was hard getting people interested at first, after all, most kids don't know him. But he got to give a few hugs and autographs, which meant payment in that expensive but oh-so fatty food. Soon he got paid more and more and thus got fatter and fatter, which no doubt helped him get more costumers. Now he's so successful, he's got a little business going. He gets to eat all he wants for just giving out autographs and pictures, what a bargain!

Better hurry before he starts charging for money, he seems to be ready to make that switch. But hey even if he does, you can help fund his idea of a comeback show, and who wouldn't want that??

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    Gives Don a hug and tons of fattening food here you go you handsome sexy blimp

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    I like the funny aspect of the fat on Karnage's body :)