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Testin' Stuff--Puzzle Edition 2 by TheNextGenHero

Testin' Stuff--Puzzle Edition 2


So working on wood isn't easy I've learned--drawing/sketching barely showed up on there lol But using the acrylic paint pens was a lot easier. Maybe I'll offer these once in a blue moon, but I have an easier time working with cardboard/stock puzzles @_@

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    Awwww--this looks really great! :D

    I know what you mean, it's the same with face masks--I can't use the fabric pens/markers on them well, but the fabric paint works fine. It means I have to basically work with NO LINEWORK and I'm surprised I get any loveliness out of the decorated face masks. XD

    I dunno--it would be the long way around something like this, if you wanted to try it...........use carbon paper/transfer paper to put your lines on the wood. Usually carbon paper is more of a chalky/solid substance applied to a surface, it's not ink. If you use carbon paper to transfer the lines from a sketch page, it might show enough linework for you to trace it with the paint later. I've been using carbon paper a lot for the posework practice I've been doing, so I know it's not something that can be erased either--which is why you should draw something on scrap paper first and then trace over it with the carbon paper between your scrap paper and the wood, to transfer the drawing.

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      The no linework part is what makes everything harder xD

      Oh I never would have thought about that! I'll need to get some, thanks! :D

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        For sure!

        Wood absorbs liquid, so ink pens are not going to be the greatest on wood (and if you use a permanent marker, it'll bleed like heck and look ugly!!!)--but I figure, carbon paper is not ink and not liquid, so you might have better effort using it to get your linework on a wood surface before painting it. It just involves an extra step by drawing on a separate piece of paper first.

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          Even with the extra step, it'll make things a heck of a lot easier xD

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            Let's hope so! XD