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Sketchin'--Diablos by TheNextGenHero



12 November 2018 at 17:56:39 MST

Been playing Monster Hunter World a lot >_>

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    That looks pretty fabulous! :D

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      Thanks! It's more fun to draw than it is to fight <_<

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        Yeah, I can see that! XD

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    OH HAVE YOU NOW? Me too! It's a lotta fun, I hope they add new monsters someday. Gettin' real sick of the same handful of Threat Level 2+ beasties over and over. What weapon do you main? I've always been a Longsword but I've become a Hammer Bro lately and it feels good.

    Especially on Diablos. BLAMMO, goodbye horns!

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      It'd be neat if they made a new area to explore as well as new monsters!

      I main the light bowgun. I specialize in kaboom, which is how I get rid of those darn horns xD

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        Yehhh everyone's hoping for a snow zone with ice monsters but at this point I'll take anything over The Same Monsters But Harder that they keep giving us :(

        Dang I can't remember the last time I saw a LBG, everyone's gone HBG for those sweet sweet cluster bombs

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          Snow zone would be neat :o

          I don't see much of either when I play with randoms. I guess the LBG isn't popular??

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            I think its got a few good support builds but most folks just wanna wreck shop, lol

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              With my LBG I can run and gun and heal teammates if needed...but I'm on the wreck shop team too xD