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General Update (October)/ IndieGoGo Post!

Ah October. It's almost halfway, and you've once again proven that you are the worst month of the year. Between Car getting towed, almost having to quit my job, and overall general crappiness, you'd think I would have thrown in the towel and just start calling you Second September in order to try and ward you off. And yet, you are still my favorite month, and that's just strange, in retrospect. I blame free candy day.

So, I'm still working on my comic, and I'm still trying to draw more, and work is getting in the way of both those things. Not that I hate that, it just means I have to be more creative in finding time for it.

Also, starting an IndieGogo! And there's a really good reason why...

My family and I have a little soap company. Most of our employees are our family members, and a few others beside. We travel to conventions, we sell soap and candles (mostly fandom based things) and we quite enjoy doing so. We aren't the richest company in the world, but we love what we do.

As of right now, we’re trying to crowdfund the money together so we can expand our ventures and full time hire a few more people. Now, normally, we’d ask our family for the help, since they’re willing to come together and split the amount between themselves.

but the problem is most of our relatives are kinda on the pro-Christian, anti-anything-other-than-straight-and-the-gender-they-were-born side of things, and would force us to fire anyone that wouldn't mesh with their ideals before giving us the money. (You know, the one bad apple ruins the batch mentality and all).

And that would be 90% of our employees.

We want to keep making our products, and we want to keep everyone on board, but without getting even a fraction of the amount were asking, we would still have to let people go. My mother—the founder and CEO—is dead set against that; her attitude is, “you are who you are. You love who you love. You worship—or don’t worship—who and what you worship. Period.”

So here, this is the link to our IndieGoGo. ->

Even if you don’t donate, or don’t have the means to, please help get the word out; we already are taking a HUGE step of faith just putting ourselves out there, and we can’t do it alone.

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for sharing.

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