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Saved By A Hungry Dragon (Vore audio) by themonsterchow

Saved By A Hungry Dragon (Vore audio)

Saved By A Hungry Dragon (Vore audio)


Commissioned by Piershey

Cover art by Hellrain
Original art post here:

Voice Actors:

Sound design by MonsterChow
Writing by Piershey

James is running through the woods, and as he continues he hears a man call out behind him.

"Get back here! I promise I'll only take ya' coin!~"

After a few more seconds, sounds of a waterfall splashing into a small lake could be heard. And from there James will see the opening of a cave, partially hidden by the waterfall. With wet stone leading a semi-pah up to it.

He runs to it, and slips down into the deeper cave. Landing on jingling metal, silver coins.

The bandit soon follows, cursing as he draws a knife and hops down.

"You know, I was just gonna steal your gold... But by this point I think you've earned a bit of a lesson! Come on out!"

There's a few seconds as James stays stock still on the cold coin, his breathing stifled as he watches the bandit pry around from the light shining from above.

He picks up some of the coin, holding it to the light.

"Well, well... Would ya look at that... Might have been worth the trouble afterall..."

Pocketing the coin, he goes to grab another. Only for a deep breath to echo through the cave. The bandit readies himself again, only to spurt out.

"What in god's name..."

There is a soft scream, as something large snaps out from the darkness. Snatching the bandit up in its mouth before a low rolling growl. The dragon wastes no time, swallowing the bandit.

With the bandit now swallowed, James slowly shifts, causing the coins to clink together again and a moment after for a large chunk of it to slide aside. Gaining the beast's attention.

The dragon takes slow steps over and James scampers ba ck on the coins. As its black head emerges from the darkness and into the light beams, it pauses before tilting. Breathing slowly and steadily, contemplating James.

Finally it snorts, laughing softly before her voice echo's in James's head.

(telepathy at first, to try and get James to calm down!~)

"Hush... Hush little one...There's nothing to fear..."

There is a moment of pause before she steps closer.

"I don't suppose y ou knew that man..? He seemed of the rotten sort... Brandishing a sword about like that..."

James still doesn't respond, and the dragon huffs softly.

"I can already sense what you're thinking... The eon's of stories about my kind still pervade your species's literature... You're afraid... No doubt especially so now..."

The dragon moves over, setting her paws ontop of one another before resting her head down. In the seconds of silence, there are soft gurgles that could be barely heard.

"Hmm..? Oh..! My apologies... Did you want me to release him? I'm not exactly keen on eating man, but..."

James would shake his head no, and the beast smiles before cocking her head.

"So you don't mind then? I'll try to finish him qui-"

The dragon cuts off abruptly as James slowly stands up. On shaky legs he takes a step closer to her. Amarith remains still as the man approaches, letting out a huff from her nose as he touches her snout.

"You'd rather me not do it quickly... Don't start denying it now... Forgive me, but I can sense your thoughts... I will take my time with him, thank you for your courtesy. I know how scary such a thing must be..."

He feels across her scales, running a hand along her jaw before she shifts. Looming over the man for a moment before chuckling.

"Dearest me... you like this?"

The dragon rolls over onto its side, and from here the gurgles were slightly louder.

"Well... I will have to tell you something quite... Dark... I can't let you leave."

There is a moment where the human steps back in shock.

"N-Now, that's not to say I will kill you! Heavens, I'm more civilized than that! But... What I mean is... If I let you go, there is no guarantee you won't return with a small army of men to hunt me down... Surely you understand the dilemma."

A few seconds pass, where soft thumping could be heard from her stomach as the bandit struggles against her.

James steps closer, setting a hand against her side while she giggles.

"Since you are my... Unwilling... Guest... Consider what you would like to do, and please do tell me."

There was a tiny pause before she spoke again, now a little flustered.

"W-Well... If you would like to rest on me, I will not detest... Rest well little one... And don't mind the screams..."

From here, he lays against her stomach with his ear to her belly. Listening to the bandit as he is digested alive.

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