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Anjananth - Sleepy Alt (POV vore audio) by themonsterchow

Anjananth - Sleepy Alt (POV vore audio)

Anjananth - Sleepy Alt (POV vore audio)


This commission has 3 versions:

Sound design by MonterChow
Commissioned by Mahlzeit -
Cover art by Dergum -
Full art:

Internal and External – Sleepy Alt
It’s only a low-rank Anjanath. How difficult could it be?
All it takes is a moment of distraction for a would-be hunter to become the hunted. You only spot a flash of pink before a powerful tail swing sends you flying into a tree. As your sight fades, you can hear the Anjanath stomping over to your crumbled form.

Sometime later, sudden dampness and heat rouse you awake. The vibrant green of the jungle is now sandwiched between two rows of razor-sharp teeth. The terrifying realisation soon forms that you’re lying flat on a sticky, wriggling tongue, surrounded on all sides by dim, pink flesh. You’re already drenched in a puddle of hot drool; the monster must have fought against his hunger—for who knows how long—simply to wait until you awoke.

There’s a cautionary tale about overconfidence here. The Anjanath seems more than happy to give you an in-depth lesson on it.

(0:00 – 0:37) The Anjanath growls, seemingly pleased that his meal is finally waking up. A wave of humid breath and a faint rumbling—coming from much deeper within—urges you to act.
(0:38 – 1:05) The tip of the Anjanath’s tongue curls backward, blocking your only escape. It laps at your face and back, coating you in thick slobber.
(1:06 – 2:16) Without warning, the Anjanath snaps his jaws shut, sealing you within his steamy maw. Before your eyes can adjust to the loss of light, his meaty tongue splats you against the roof of his mouth and grinds your body against the soft, quivering flesh.
(2:17 – 2:50) The monster opens his maw and extends his tongue into the breezy outside air. A heavy layer of drool weighs you down as you’re teased with a parting view of the jungle—of freedom—just out of reach.
(2:51 – 3:29) The Anjanath slowly tilts his head back. You’re granted one last look at the jungle canopy as you slide deeper into his maw. His jaws tremble before clamping shut. With a mighty series of gulps, he mercilessly squeezes you down his long, constrictive throat.
(3:30 – 4:09) You’re kneaded through the tight opening to the stomach, the bubbling contents splashing about as you settle into the sweltering chamber. It seems you weren’t the Anjanath’s first meal for the day.
(4:10 – 5:19) The belly wobbles, and before you can figure out what’s happening, his gut compresses around you, submerging you up to your neck in sludgy juices. The walls relent for a moment—but only a moment—before they squelch down again. And again. And again.
Seemingly not content with just devouring you, the Anjanath wants to taunt you—to remind you of your utter defeat.
(5:20 – 5:51) With an enormous roar, the stomach contracts to a paralysing embrace, wrapping around your saturated skin like a cocoon. It clenches tighter and tighter until your head suddenly slips under the bubbling gunk.
(5:52 – 6:20) The rippling walls eventually relax. The belly bounces about as it returns to its larger size, sloshing fluids throughout the churning chamber. Before they settle, the Anjanath begins to move. His heavy stomps rock his belly like a hammock, and—unfortunately for you—you’re along for the ride.
(6:21 – 6:39) Having found a secluded, sunlit section of the jungle to relax, the Anjanath curls onto his side, exposing his plump belly to the warm sunlight. You, meanwhile, get to enjoy the molten contents of his stomach splattering over you as the monster gets comfortable.
(6:40 – 8:35) Unfortunately, all the earlier activity—including your ill-fated fight—seems to have excited the Anjanath’s stomach. As the minutes pass, his insides tighten, squeezing down to marinate its sole occupant within the steaming broth. The direct sunlight serves to ramp up the heat and humidity, while the pulsating walls force you to the deepest recesses of the monster’s gut.

External POV
(8:36 – 9:50) While the Anjanath hoped to get some sleep while his gut worked down his meal, the irritating morsel is kicking up a distracting—though weakening—fuss. The monster gazes at his stomach with middling interest as the sounds of digestion soon consume the noises of the unlucky hunter trapped within.
(9:51 – 11:29) The stomach reaches a destructive finale almost as sloppy as the hunter’s skill. With his meal silenced and his gut returning to a more gradual gurgling, the Anjanath lowers his head to the ground as drowsiness takes hold.
(11:30 – 11:59) Some fierce bubbling from the Anjanath’s gut suggests it’s upset, but the monster shows no sign of discomfort; his eyes remain closed. The sounds peter out before long.
(12:00 – End) His hunger satisfied, the soothing sounds of the Anjanath’s settling stomach soon lull him to a peaceful sleep. His haunches tremble as he kicks up his rear leg, exposing every inch of his bulging gut to the wonderful warmth of the sun.
With the beast fed, the hunter-turned-Anjanath-chub completed the ultimate purpose of his quest—to help keep the nearby trade routes safe. Albeit indirectly—and only temporarily.

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