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Boba Tea (POV vore audio) by themonsterchow

Boba Tea (POV vore audio)

Boba Tea (POV vore audio)


You find yourself being sealed up inside a cup of bubble tea served up to an alien - a quarian - who promptly sucks you up through a straw and drinks you right up.

Sound design by me
Commissioned by CommanderLeifN7 -

Art by Eyeofcalamity -
Full art piece here:

Description below also by CommanderLeifN7

0:00 - You are dropped into and sealed within a boba tea cup. You are picked up by Cali’Bahn, a quarian. You're sloshed about as he inserts the straw.

0:24 - You can hear a little mechanical sound as he connects it to his mask and begins to drink. You can hear him taking a few hearty swallows as he noisily slurps the beverage.

0:38 - He then adjusts the straw, it’s bottom opening near your feet. He taps on the cup as if to taunt you before sucking, taking you into into it. You slide up the straw, stopping about halfway with a squeak as he swallows his current mouthful before he inhales again and pulls you the rest of the way into his mouth.

1:00 - You land into the mouth with a splash, in a shallow pool with the tongue resting beneath you. Cali’Bahn lets you enjoy a moment of stillness, with his maw sounding like a wet, compact cave. The tongue then swishes around you, pressing you up into the palette while he tastes the solid food.

1:28 - He sucks again, filling the mouth with boba tea and submerging you before swallowing you away. You slide on down the gullet, irregular peristalsis shepherding you to your new existence.

1:56 - Eventually you splash into the stomach, the belly settling after the bit of solid food arrives. It’s compact in there, not a lot of room to stand. The stomach’s stagnation is broken up when you hear another series of gulps above. After a few seconds pause, a trickle of tea is soon followed by a gush. Then, a series of plunks from the little boba balls Cal swallows whole.

2:48- Cal begins at to walk off . You rub on the walls and pat on the teal flesh around you, eliciting a chuckle from your predator, who stops for a moment and gives a pat on his suit back, and another drink, further limiting the breathing room in there.

3:36 - You feel the gentle sway of his walking as digestion begins to take place. The rest of the audio is just Cal walking and you digesting inside, enjoying your final moments.

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