There She Is by TheMightyBookman

There She Is


16 August 2015 at 20:00:17 MDT

...Miss Gigantica~

So, a dear friend of mine, Wyldsyde, was hosting a little character raffle. She'd had this cute, unstealthy ninja rat hanging around for a long long time, but she liked her enough to want to give them a home with someone.

Thunder rolled.
It rolled a six.
And so the ninja, tentatively named Nezumi, was given to me as a character to do with as I saw fit. I've promised to give 'em a good home...and I figured why not go literal. Besides, I wanted to do something just...really nice, and also to feature some of my characters welcoming a new friendly face. ANd to take a test run on drawing her, and to announce she's got a new name.

SO, everyone, meet Urala Fujinashi, cute unstealthy ninja rat. :]

Everyone here I.P. by Triple L '15!

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    Siva looks a most gracious hostess. :3

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      She is the type! Whether small or large she shows everyone a great time~
      Siva's just a people person!

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    It's so nice to see her have a good home now! I'm sure she will fit in just fine... umm... somehow? Heh heh. You do her justice good Blue. Thanks.

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    The Ignore system on Weasyl is great. Nice addition, LLL!

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    Oh hey, how did I miss this. This is wonderful, great work! It's nice seeing them all together.

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      It was really fun to assemble all my characters together like this. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy! The only trick was making the towers and the gate @_o