Trying Her Best by TheMightyBookman

Trying Her Best


10 June 2015 at 16:23:20 MDT

Siva's foot brushed against the tour bus, causing her to freeze almost instantly mid-step. She'd thought they closed the streets least, they were supposed to! Not that it was anyone's fault in particular. Someone might not have gotten told that day.

The people inside scrambled away from the windows in alarm, even though they'd specifically come to This CIty because of her. Harmless or no, that was a BIG foot; vast, blue, bedecked in ancient glittering jewelry and easily the very size of their whole vehicle itself! Some instincts you can't fight.

"O-Oooops...sorry. Trying my best today, dears,"

said the giant suicune as she apologetically brushed off the dust she'd stirred atop the bus with her toes, proceeding on her merry way, cameras beginning to click as her feet passed...

Hey again! Me poking my head in, this time with a bit of very lovely work by the very professional and highly talented graybluestudios! 50% said he'd wanted to draw Siva for a while now, and we just up and made it happen! I love how this turned out, the expression totally sells it :D

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    Deis looks up at Siva as he comes from an Ice Cream shop, "UM....maybe shrinking down would be wise?"