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Red and Black (Angle 1) by themeshow101

Red and Black (Angle 1)


Dem: How does it feel to be sitting on my lap with my cock between your cheeks?~

Darius: Like I've just filled a hole I didn't realise I had.

Dem:chucklesLucky you, for when it's all said and done that won't be the only hole that'll be filled~

Darius:shivers I can't wait~

I've been wanting to do some pics with Dem and my oc for a while now. I never got to it because, initially, the owner wasn't 100% too sure if he even liked the way my oc looked (which makes sense, as he isn't into chubby people in terms of porn)

Maybe it was the fact that my oc's breasts looked weird or whatever, but the last few pics I made with him has turned Dem's opinion about him around completely.

It was probably the weird broken breasts I gave him before I fixed it that turned him off. I wouldn't blame him, as they were preeeetty nasty lookin, lol.

Anywhos, enjoy! And definitely expect some images with these two in the future because I like my chubby boi and I like that tiger meat. x3

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