Underground intruder by themefinland

Underground intruder


15 July 2019 at 06:31:16 MDT

"The worst thing about the amalgamate is that it barely ever makes a sound. Oftentimes when it strikes, it happens suddenly and quietly without much of a screech or sound that one would expect. Today is a rainy day outside the sewers, most everything is blanketed in a thin fog that lay low near the ground. In the distance a figure is running through the fog, judging by their body language they are startled. Their breath is hectic and they seem like they would lose their balance at any second, glancing behind them at every chance they get. They dip behind a dumpster and slip down a manhole, hurriedly pulling the cover on top of it. The ladders are the worst part, they feel like sliding down them, but instead their motions turn into an awkward halfway between climbing and sliding. On the 4th rung they stop and look up. It is all silent, in the tunnels the rain flowing down from above echoes from somewhere farther away, creating an ambient noise akin to static. They listen intently for awhile. Somewhere closer there is a drip and another, and another...another, and then a sound from above. A sound akin to something wet and heavy, like meat, hitting the manhole cover above them. They take a step downwards on the ladder. Sounds like something is sliding across the cover. And another step down, and his feet hit the concrete floor in the tunnel. As they look up above and listen to the sounds. Freeze or flight, their mind was racing with both propositions, their feet felt like cinder blocks, but their gut was telling them to run. A scratch, a longer scratch and they thought they could see the cover move slightly in the darkness and then immediately after, light seeped in the tunnel past the lid. They immediately took off running, turning around a corner and another one as they could hear the undeniable echo of a solid block of metal fall to the tunnels concrete floor. As they went deeper into the tunnels it became more and more silent, in this section he could barely even hear the static created by the falling water. It was silent again, drip, drip....drip."

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