Slenasea the corrupter by themefinland

Slenasea the corrupter


12 July 2019 at 02:49:17 MDT

"During the civil war of the albino dragonoids, Slenasea had locked herself inside her citadel. Nobody can say for certain what she was doing during the final months of the war, but it is likely she worked uninterrupted on researching nether. The only reliable sources of information that is available are scraps of knowledge from the writings of Boqias that have managed to survive through the centuries. He says that before his departing from the capital, she had already become a beast of such terrible sights that surely if anyone outside her close circle of advisors would have seen her, they would have found it impossible to recognize her. For this reason, very few were allowed inside her citadel, its vast hallways only lit with moonlight.

Boqias was one of those who was able to walk in and out of her citadel, but was likely only able to see Slenasea at a glance when she was outside her chamber in the courtyard. Even for the night loving albinos, he states that the darkness looming in the hallways had become uncomfortable and thickened somehow, as if walking through very fine spiderwebs. It is very likely that Slenasea was the most powerful channeler of the nether and perhaps, if it weren't for the civil war that destroyed the entire race of the albinos, she could have created a tangible pathway to the nether."

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