Boqias, the half formed by themefinland

Boqias, the half formed


10 May 2019 at 17:49:42 MDT

"In the age of the albino dragonoids Boqias was a high scribe of Slenasea's empire. He was one of the central figures in spreading the knowledge of sorcery in the empire. Through uncertain conditions he had a change of heart regarding the nether and deemed it a threat to the whole existence of his kind. However, this happened far too late as the practice had spread far and wide in the capital and its surroundings, its people already having become enamored by the power it granted them. Even those who he thought he could conspire with to create a military coup could not see why they should not use this magnificent new power to their benefit. The doubts of Boqias seeped through whispers up to Slenasea herself. This lead Boqias to go into exile from the capital, either voluntarily and to escape punishment or it was the punishment itself.

It is likely his exile was the punishment itself, as Slenasea knew that outside the capital there where dukes who were growing more antagonistic towards the practices of her cult. At this point Boqias' body had mutated horribly from the rituals and the constant tapping into the nether and outside of the capital he would surely be slayed as his use of the nether was laid bare for all to witness. Before he was forced to leave, he sent out several letters to acquaintances he knew in the outer-lands that lay outside the capital region. He knew that if they would see him in his current state, they would execute him right away, but if his letters made it there before him, he would at the very least have an opportunity to explain his situation, and that way, perhaps they would trust him once he arrived.

Indeed outside the capital he was almost killed more than on occasion. Those who saw him fled in fear. The practice of sorcery had not spread into all corners of the empire, thanks to many of the dukes actively having impeded its spread. Seeing someone so corrupted by the nether was an alien sight to them and he might as well have been a demon from another plane. Them running away was the best case scenario, in many cases they would run away to only come back with more people with weapons. To his blessing, when he finally arrived to the cottage of one of his acquaintances they were shocked and distressed, but did not attack outright. Having read his letter beforehand and hearing him talk, they were convinced that Boqias was still intact in the mind at least, if not in the body.

The situation escalated further with the outer-lands and the capital, eventually leading to full scale war. The place he was staying at had become too unstable for him to stay there, people were coming by the household more and more often, asking for supplies for the war effort, eventually they would find that his acquaintance was harboring that was essentially the enemy.

He was exiled again, this time to the far north where he was to never return. There he would spend the coming years writing scriptures, trying to put into words the things he can see in the nether. However, from these scriptures, it becomes apparent that our language is not sufficient to describe these things. After all, it is impossible for language to describe something only one person can see."

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    What an epic beast. Great story to go along with this piece.