Weeping forests by themefinland

Weeping forests


14 October 2018 at 12:11:52 MDT

"After descending from the mountains that separate the northern pine territories from the temperate forests of the southern territory he is plunged into giant old forests. All things in the hectares and hectares of forest untouched by any outsiders, the towering trees creating a spotted roof that filters the crisp fall sunshine through that creates vivid prisms of color on the leaf covered floor, bright red mushrooms sprouting from beneath here and there. A drawing on one of the trees catches his attention as he walks by, apparently depicting a dragonoid enjoying the mushrooms and the sap that the trees are flowing with, an arrow at the bottom probably showing the direction the artist had wandered towards. Indeed at this time of the year the trees weep, they drop their leaves and also a flavorful sap flows out of them. One wonders if they are sad to lose their leaves and weep because of that. Unlike their brothers up north, they have to drop their leaves before winter catches them. A nice little grouping of trees will provide him with a nice place to stay the night, the mushrooms will be a nice dinner and the sap a little dessert."

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    This is a Beautiful FOrest scene.