Famine and the hungry years by themefinland

Famine and the hungry years


12 August 2018 at 13:48:27 MDT

"I am sorry.
"I am sorry for stranding you, for not being able to support you. The recent years have not been kind to us, I know you did your best and more. I know how kind you are, how you always placed me before yourself even during the months of famine and cruelty. Even as I would never be able to work again, you still went deep into the forest to forage anything you could find so we both could eat. Throughout the months I have seen our pantry diminish, becoming smaller and smaller, neither of us would make it to see spring with what we have, I could see that in your eyes too as you warily count our food each day. I fear to see you die alongside me more than to witness my own, I am so old and unsure if I will ever become well again. Please remember me when the times were good, when we used to take walks in the vast forests or when we slept in our very own home for the first time after building it for months. You may see darkness now, but the light will reveal itself soon.

I am sorry I can't say this to you and weep in your embrace, but I know you would plead me to stay. I am going to set my course into the wilderness and I wont return, please, I beg of you, don't come looking for me. I will be far away when you read this, but I will always be here with you in spirit."

Inspired by the bleak landscapes of "The Revenant" and the music of "Lowercase noises".

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