Northern territories by themefinland

Northern territories


27 June 2018 at 06:38:59 MDT

'These lands are harsh and unforgiving, but bear beauty and vastness unseen by anyone but the past gods. This shall be our home. '
The northern territories are vast flatlands that are dotted by monumental flat mountains and bordered by swampy wetlands to the south, ancient woods stretching to the east, the unending sea to the east and to the north, the almost permanently frozen Glacialisa. The sparse northern dragonoid population becomes even sparser in this region as harsh winters are guaranteed and massive summer thunderstorms are to be expected. Survival requires ingenuity and constant work as readily edible plants are somewhat less common than in the wetlands, so many of the dragonoids hunt and fishmore. Hunting is a dangerous task, however, as large beasts migrating from Glacialisa and treacherous terrain await to consume an unwary traveler the moment they set out into the unknown wilds. On the other hand, fishing is an easy way to sate oneself as the lakes are plenty and the waters clear thanks to the constant in- and outflow of water from the hills to the lakes to the sea. One need not worry about water either as springs and fresh water sources are many, one does not need to worry of sickness from bad water, one may even find strange warm and hot springs that will certainly be a boon during the cold winter months. If you find a northern dragonoids cottage out in these lands, you can be sure that you will be treated well, as if you are able to tame the wilds and erect a house for yourself here you are doing very well indeed.

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