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2 October 2017 at 00:57:27 MDT


"After the outbreak of the amalgamate the union established different zones in the world to to help in determining what actions they should take on the people living in the quarters that fall within these zones.

Blue zones are the highest priority areas, places of importance like large military bases, large hubs of commerce and manufacture and other important facilities. Within these zones were also included the housing of important people. These areas would be the first to be evacuated or defended. Blur zones are also areas that are impossible for the amalgamate to get to at this time, such as islands, other continents or airborne quarters.

Green zones are places that are far away from the amalgamate and are at low risk of being infected by it. These areas would function as normal and would be where people would often be evacuated.

Yellow zones are places that are suspected not to have any amalgamate presence, but are in danger of coming in contact of it within next months or weeks. These areas would often times be evacuated.

Orange zones are places wherein the amalgamate is already suspected to be present in in one form or another. These zones are not often evacuated from civilians and are quarantined instead. If the presence of the amalgamate is proved, these zones are often incinerated to prevent it from spreading to the nearby yellow zones.

Red zones are places wherein there is definite proof of the amalgamate existing, common procedure is to bomb and incinerate the zones and then send in infantry to clean up the area to prevent the amalgamate from spreading.

Black zones are places wherein the amalgamate has already established an irredeemable foothold.

Within a smaller industrial town inside one of the Green zones it was an ordinary evening, life was moving forward as normal, or as normal it could, with the knowledge of the cataclysmic threat looming within a 1000 mile radius. At the outskirts of the town was a small commune of houses and apartments and within one of the houses somebody was just about to head to bed before the bombs began falling into the main hub of the town. His tired eyes snapped open in an insant as he looked outside the window, large flashes of light engulfed the industrial disctrict. Sound of planes filled the sky as the explosions began to appear in other directions as well. Then helicopters came after that, military people seemed to pour out of them and enter the buildings near his house. He didn't know what was going on, but he could hear gunshots and people being dragged out of the apartments and into the helicopters. This definitely did not look like an evacuation. Not intent to be here when the military got to his house, he ran out of the back door and ran into the forest, running as far as his legs could take him.

He had been running for several minutes deep into the forest before he stopped because his lungs felt like they were on fire. He then heard helicopters flying in the distance, assuming they were coming to look for him he ducked lower under the spruce tree. He lie there listening intensely as the sound of rotors in the sky above the treeline became more and more intense. In that moment his mind wasn't able to disassociate the sound from helicopters, as it was the only thing that could make such a noise, with the military presence not far from here. However as the sounds came closer he began to realize that it wasn't the sound of helicopter blades and engines, it was more like a loud droning buzzing noise. He peeked his head from under the foliage and against the moonlight he could see large creatures that vaguely resembled insects of sorts, with purple tinged wings and abdomen. Some of them seemed to be carrying people, them hanging limp on their tentacles or inside their abdomen. He quickly lay back down, pushing himself back against the spruce. The sounds became louder and louder as the group of them closed in. Surely they had not seem him, surely they would fly by. His heart pounding and eyes shut tight his ears became filled with the droning noise. Seconds passed slowly enough to make it seem like they were hovering above him for minutes. They flew past his hiding spot, however and the sounds started to become more and more distant again.

After the noises became so distant he couldn't hear them anymore he climbed out of under the spruce and into the moonlit forest. He didn't know where he would go, but he knew he had to get out of this place. As he took a turn he saw one of them, standing clear in the moonlight, only a few dozen yards away from him, its horrifying visage clearly visible to him now. He couldn't hold in his horrified gasp which was when it let out a guttural growl as its wings twitched and its head turned towards him, its hollow eyes and gaping maw becoming visible. Doing his best to overcome his sense of fear he forced his legs to move and run away from this monster. He could hear it behind him let out a deep almost anguished roar as it leapt into the air and took flight. It was hopeless as it was able to fly far faster than he was able to run and the droning of its wings quickly was above him. As he took a look back the last thing he could see was the monstrosity extend its hand towards him, its palm spreading open to reveal an hole in it from which a tendril launched out which constricted him and forced its way into his mouth. Shortly after he lost consciousness as the creature latched itself onto him and took flight, carrying him into their hive wherein he would be forced to abandon his corporeal form to serve their malicious purpose."

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