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19 November 2016 at 07:07:55 MST

This was a sort of an YCH done for username FinnFann, who wanted to create their own character in the world I am making when I told them about the idea for this. He also went ahead and wrote some story for this one too in the form of journal entries by this character.

Dusk of the second cresting east moon ~ 3rd season

I cannot believe what I have born witness to. Sent almost 20 moons ago to find supplies, and I happen upon the greatest discovery possible for our clan, and the possibility of solving our woes. I had merely come to these large buildings upon seeing their remoteness and hoping that, per chance, it had not been raided over time. Had I not read the ancient stories...and well...had I not read them over and over while others had...more..."lucrative" chances...regardless! What I had seen was a Serpent of the White Dragonoids! It had to be!

Though admittedly the terror of it's form seems to have...waned as the moon itself. It was in a pitiful state. In my stupor after falling into the smaller chamber I hardly realized the light of my lamp alone was enough to protect me from whatever defense it may have prepared to a first intruder...then it spoke...Asking me colors? My origin? It urged me calm, becrying it would not hurt me. Especially as I became alert to the skeleton I had landed near. I had begun to draw my sword before it abruptly curled back defensively at merely the sight of such...the shock of it's reaction abruptly collapsing me to a knee as I tried to back away. It seemed...pathetic. Despite it's grandiose size it leaked a sort of meekness. A tiredness. I don't think it could've hurt me if it tried...I decided to grant it mercy. I sheathed the blade to it's relief. And attempted to hide my own injury in the process.

We discussed things. It thanked me for my kindness, and apologized profusely for how things looked. It spoke how it had been sealed. It hadn't recalled how long. The skeletons around it having perished one by one. I saw no grievous injuries but to one of them as it spoke. Calming me and assuring its truths. All had seemed to be laying down. Either sleeping or from weakness. The rags on them torn only from age.

So I needn't think to doubt its story. While it spoke, however, it...told me of things that could prove useful to my quest. I mentioned my purpose. My origin. It seemed surprised. But immediately deemed it could help me! To lead me to a chamber of riches protected by magic. It was in the stories...treasure troves of supplies hidden by old armies...I'm sure most of it would've gone bad by now but...well coin doesn't go bad does it? There was sure to be some!
But it needed a night to prepare....understandable with it's apparent weak state. To think something could survive this long! But I digress. I attempted offerings for the assistance. Starting with food, and admittedly a bit of coin at first but it turned both down. Stating what it needed would be in the chamber with my supplies.

I suppose after such a distance I'll trust it. Covered in the cobwebs it was that it cleaned as it moved I doubt it could harm me even if it had ended those around it. The worse it could do in this state...? Lay itself atop me likely, but I've got my dagger for such an occasion! And what a trophy that would be in worse case, hm? Ah I've written too long. The moon is near setting and I've to sleep before tomorrow...I can still hear it in the main hall I'd stumbled into so it must be tireless...

It seems to have left some sticks and old supplies of the medical sort near me as well...I dare say it might realize my injury...I really should work on lying should I ever truly need such a skill.

May the Sol bless I'll be returning with enough coin to purchase any supplies my settlement could need!

~Diary of Finosei o Solasa

Dawn of the Third cresting east moon ~ 3rd season

It's sunrise. I managed little sleep. Lacking good food, drink and the shock of the night is to blame. Not to mention the racket the creature made...surprised it had enough energy for such at its age...regardless I hear it calling curiously in that meek voice of its. I've splinted my leg. It's obvious it was aware. It seems capable of handling some weight with my walking stick. I'll resume this journal once I have the coin that is likely down in the stores. Who knows! Perhaps spells may have indeed kept the food fresh and I'll have a full meal! Maybe even some healing plants for my leg!

~Diary of Finosei o Solasa

the writing is rather tattered as if written by a shaking unsure hand

Dawn of the third cresting east moon ~ 3rd season

N Not sup lies...S...Sol forgive...

~Diary of Finosei o Solasa

Dusk of the third cresting east moon ~ 3rd season

I wish to apologize to myself for the previous entry. I was, still am in shock. My hand's...tainted...? No not tainted it said. I'm not sure how to believe what it said, but I have no choice. What's happened happened and I can only hope it's sincere in what it says. The spell was not at all for a secret cache vault of any sort.

It's left my hand a strange purple color that seems to go as deep as the veins where I had guided the strange magics. As if threatening to have gone further...and my eyes are a strange glowing purple, though my vision is beyond perfect. Even lacking the light of the sun I see as if it was clear above me. The glow is not as intense as the beasts own after the casting, however.

It told me it was hungry. Weak. It needed something that was cast off by these magics as I performed it's spell. It sounded, and looked, more alive than I could ever have imagined it to become. The tendrils along it were writhing in a strange glowing mist, it's eyes aglow the same as mine had become. It is difficult to explain the horror and...power I'd felt as the purple began to form as the final word left my mouth. Despite it being noon the moon seemed to pour it's light in from nowhere all around me...where the light hit me my body seemed to warm...moreso than the sun, though Sol helping my kin never read incredible feeling.

A very faint mist of purple had risen off my body...Had the room not been drenched in the pure white light I would not have noticed it. But then began to flow with the warmth down arm I'd held out to the altar. It..twisted and swirled just at the cusp of sight around it. But then the heat became intense! The scales of my hand had suddenly began to turn a gentle purple...then deeper color. As if it had been placed in a fire to burn! As quickly as it started it ended as the shock hit me...I fell back screaming. My hand retaining the color as the warmth subsided.

I nearly grabbed my blade. Wanting to run the beast through! But in my shock I merely stumbled. It spoke as if worried, however... it's voice strangely soft for it's size. Lacking the rumbling weakness it previously had. It...told me to rest...That it would explain everything and with guidance there would be no ill effects to me, that it intended none. Before I could answer it had already begun helping me up. It's body felt warm.

I shouldn't believe it! I shouldn't...but what choice do I have. Whatever it intended originally has been done. I don't want to risk this taint being seen by others...besides.

There's no way out of this room and it's insisting I rest. Under its watch this sore leg from my fall I can't exactly climb out without it noticing.

~Diary of Finosei o Solasa


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