Amalgamate spore breeder by themefinland

Amalgamate spore breeder


25 October 2015 at 08:25:08 MDT

This here is another infection form of the amalgamate. Their purpose is less about direct assimilation and rather partial infection and corruption. They do this, which is already evident from their name, by spreading spores into the air, which then infect the animals and humans that breathe them in. This particular form depicted here has two ways of doing this, the more obvious one is releasing them from the gills in its cobra like hood and the other way is to administer the spores directly to a host through a small hole in the palm of its claw. The latter of these methods being a much more aggressive and disturbing. Partially infected people and animals will eventually become corrupted by the hive mind and will act according to its will, ultimately the lives of these animals/people end up in full assimilation into the amalgamate. Spore breeders are a dangerous form of the amalgamate if they are not found early enough as they can infect a sizable area without leaving much of a trace in the general area.

Once again if ya want to learn more about the amalgamate, you can go and read this google doc that is continually being updated with more info:

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