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A real work of art [old TF story] by TheLupineOne

Rose loved nothing more than drawing. It would be hard to find a day during which she didn't draw something. Her range was great. Wolves with wings, things of wonder. Not even peanut butter or Neopets could reach the joy of drawing… then came the day… the day everything went missing.

It was all gone. Stolen by a spiteful thief who left everything a mess. Nothing was left. No pens. No pencils. No erasers. No rulers. No colours. Even her computer tablet was nowhere. And the day was filled with bitter thoughts, that extended into the nights and days to come.

Eventually the police had managed to capture and incarcerate the perpetrator, but all of the art goods had been destroyed. Although this upset Rose, she vowed that tomorrow would be a new beginning for her. Very luckily, the criminal hadn't made off with her laptop. All her artwork was safe. But that was the past. This was the present.

So, the next day, she set off to town to buy a new set of art goods. Everything that was stole would be replaced… but while walking through the park, she encountered a market stall, with no others in sight. How odd that it would appear, and how odd that it would be selling all the art goods that she needed. Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, colours, paint. How much? Not much. Not much at all! A lot cheaper than Rose had expected. She bought as much as her bag could carry, then headed of home happily.

Little did she notice the mist behind her, enveloping the stall... and when the mist parted, no trace was left…

Back home, and it was time to draw. But what to draw? The answer was obvious. Kuro. This, a fursona, the very representation of herself. Her likes. Her dislikes. Her habits. Her memories. Her dreams. Her fears. All formed in one character. And so, she drew. And, two hours later, there was the result. A yellow bipedal wolflike character, with a large tail, twisting horns, and her own copper-brown hair. Kuro was drawn wearing a bright tie-dye t-shirt, flame-patterned black jeans, and leather fingerless gloves, as opposed to Rose's somber plain white sleeveless top and jeans she was wearing to reflect her original loss. Her lupine footpaws were bare. Gazing into those hazel eyes of her drawing, like a reflection, she thought: wow… pretty good job. Looks like I've certainly broke in my new drawing goods. A new start! And what an awesome start it was…

A few minutes later, a sudden thought whizzed through Rose's mind. A command… EAT PEANUT BUTTER. Huh?, thought Rose. I do like peanut butter, but I've never had this… a craving! I'm having a peanut butter craving! It's so hard to resist… I must go downstairs! I must eat peanut butter!

One jar of peanut butter (and a pint of root beer to wash it down), Rose headed back upstairs, already considering what to draw next. However, as she picked up her pencil, she noticed yellow splotches on her right arm. Hmm… must have spilt some peanut butter, she thought. She went off to the bathroom to wash it off… but it didn't come off. The splotches remained, and in fact, they grew bigger. Weird. Curious, Rose touched a yellow patch. It felt… furry. Even weirder.

As Rose headed back to her room to draw her next piece, she felt the furry patch itch. No… no way I can draw with that… she thought, as the irritation occurred while the yellow fur continued its spread up and down and around her arm. She just decided to wait and see what would happen, and happen things did. The fur spread was accelerating, and it had now reached her hand. The yellow fur bloomed all over it, pushing her fingernails out into short claws. But yellow fur was not the only thing to worry about: strange dark grey and black liquid was exuding from the pores, and the blobs merged to create… a fingerless leather glove. Glove. Fur. It all added up.

Rose was becoming Kuro. She was becoming what she had drawn. And that thought… what was it? Panic? No. Awesomeness. She was becoming herself. The true side of herself.

But enough thinking, because the fur had covered the whole of her right arm, and was now crawling under her sleeveless top. Rose felt it tickle as it spread around her body, swirling around like a curious mammal, a spiral trail. And as the fur sprouted, so too did a bright tie-dye pattern of many colours on her t-shirt… the exact same pattern that she drew. In fact, her sleeveless top was gaining sleeves! Yes, there they were, stretching themselves out from the arm holes, unfurling to a quarterlength of her arm. She was becoming exactly what she had drawn. All the while, the fur was continuing its cover of her body, while the yellow fur took over her left arm. And lo, eventually the fur had covered the whole of her body, and also, the same for the left arm, ending with another awesome glove. Now, her mind worked out the next part. Her jeans… awesomeness shall come. But before the awesomeness came, SSSHRRRRIPP! Out burst a rapidly growing bright yellow tail, ending with a large white area at the tip. The tail stretched out a great length, approximately half her height. Rose wished that it hadn't broke through her jeans, knowing what her transformation would do to them. Maybe I should have drawn a side view, she thought.

But this was no time for being thoughtful, as the fur's spread split into two, each path spiralling around each leg. And as the fur brushed against her jeans, it tinted then darker and darker until it became jet black. And at the bottom, a flame pattern emerged, flickering. It felt so warm to Rose's new fur. Then she felt an odd feeling in her shoes as the fur exited her jeans. She took off her shoes to discover her feet were shortening into paws, and that the yellow fur was covering them as well! This was too good to be true, the transformation was almost complete…

The fur was now making its final move, crawling up her neck and starting to get onto her face. Her mouth and nose eased out gently when the fur's growth touched it, merging into a shortish muzzle. She grinned happily with this new mouth. Then happiness turned to pain as a terrible headache broke out. She groaned as her ears moved upwards as the fur pushed on, and soon after furry pointed ears burst out from under her hair. And the agony continued as two white horn nubs poked out on her forehead, which grew into two proud curved horns, gradiating from white to pink to black. As the headache subsided, Rose realised the transformation had finished. She was no longer Rose. She was Kuro. Truly.

But now… she couldn't show her face to her parents. How would they react when they discovered their daughter transformed into this? Then, suddenly, a knock on the window. Kuro crossed over to see who on earth would be knocking there. It was a woman in a lilac velvet robe. Kuro opened the window, and the robed woman stumbled in. "Finally…" she said, as she took off her hood to reveal her identity…

TARLA!?!?!? Yes, that famous tourist of Neopia was really there, a bright magenta Ixi resplendent in her robe. And, as if to drive the point home…

"Ahh, it seems you've tracked me down!"

"Wha- what the hey? What are you doing here!" exclaimed Kuro, panicking.

"Oh, haven't you heard?" replied Tarla. "I've levelled up my magic and am now taking tours of Earth instead of Neopia!"

"Well that doesn't explain anything about my transformation…"

"Oh, but it does. I saw you, an upset artist, ruined. I sensed your emotions and dreams and ideas and ideals… such a magnificent coincidence that I tracked you down!"

"And you used your magic to conjure up a stall…"

"Yes… the stallowner was just a simulacra. And everything was enchanted. Whatever you draw, will happen. You drew yourself in this form, you became this form…"

"Wow… but what about my parents?"

"With these goods, you can shape the whole world around with you with your imagination. Just imagine yourself as Rose, and you will be Rose. If you imagine yourself as Kuro, you will be Kuro. If you draw it, you can become it… and not just that… as I said, you can shape the world around you. Maybe you can transform your friends?"

"Yeah, I'm sure some would love that. One especially…"

"Oh no, don't go too far into it! I've got to go now, next up on my agenda, it's London. Just remember, if you can draw it, you can do it. You, Kuro, are a real work of art!"

A real work of art [old TF story]


(originally uploaded to dA on June 21, 2010)

Posting some of my old TF stories from dA to Weasyl. This one was my first TF story commission, for Nesbael, albeit for some small number of dA points. Yes, I took TF lit commissions back in the day. And, as is evident, I played Neopets back in the day. My client really liked the addition of Tarla! Although, I feel remorseful for denying her a TF into Lord Jeran that she could not afford with points alone. In hindsight, it would have made a rather good FtM TG.

...I don't even remember what Jeran looks like now. It's been 5 years!

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