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Dune Surfing - Terra's Theme by Fox Amoore by TheLupineOne

Dune Surfing - Terra's Theme by Fox Amoore

Dune Surfing - Terra's Theme by Fox Amoore


When FoxAmoore FoxAmoore launched his Indiegogo campaign for "Come Find Me", I was more than happy to contribute to the cause, to catapult Fox into the history books, and into Abbey Road Studios! A world famous studio, a world famous piano, a world famous sound engineer, a full orchestra, and an all-star cast of fandom-beloved musicians... all thanks to the support of Fox-fans like me!

As part of my backer's reward, Fox composed a piano solo character theme especially for me. Letting me choose a character, I chose Terra as the most worthy, and sent Fox as much detail as possible about the elemental guardian of earth. I wondered if I had sent too much, but Fox took it all in, envisioned Terra riding the dunes on her board, using her powers, and produced some wonderful music, as he always does. Thank you for your work on this, Fox!

The cover art is by LucasHolt LucasHolt, a good friend who has drawn Terra a few times before. I knew he could be trusted to produce good cover art, so I shared the music with him, and after analysing the music, produced some pretty sweet art of Terra to accompany the music. It's a great match! Thank you, Lucas! Be sure to check out and favourite his upload of the cover art here:

Music and image uploaded with Fox Amoore's and Lucas's permissons.

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