He's got Friends on the Other Side. by TheLunatic25

He's got Friends on the Other Side.


29 November 2012 at 16:32:58 MST

An incredibly powerful unibun, Segador here acts as something of a Grim Reaper. His duties often entail helping to ferry recently-deceased souls into their afterlife, and enforcing the rules of life and death.

Ever the showman, he can often pop up just at the start of celebrations, and occasionally enjoys putting on shows to delight mortals. He does occasionally visit the homes of those who are violently poisoned or ill, and during such times it's often a good idea to offer him a glass of rum, his favored drink; and if asked to dance, it is considered a high honor. If pleased, he can spare the afflicted person's life by refusing to acknowledge their ills or dig a grave for them. If, however, he is displeased, he may allow them to succumb to it.

Because Lunatic protected his parents and their friends from the basilisk Titus, Segador has strong ties with him. He still acts on his own accord, but has been seen with Luni, Shina, and others on more than one occasion because of this.

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