"You are so going to pay for this." by TheLunatic25

"You are so going to pay for this."


24 November 2012 at 08:01:32 MST

Awww, looks like someone convinced Candy to slip into some rather cute lingerie! Oooh, but she looks awfully grumpy...maybe someone snuck a photo in?

Hopefully it was worth the rage of the lil' unibun!

Candy is (c) me

artwork is (c) Onnanoko

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      Hehehe, why thank you. ^^ She is pretty dang adorable; just don't let her catch you saying that!

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    This might be a strange question, but the markings on her make me think of a variant on the Orange Nova Avatars Bifrost Bunny on Second Life. Is the character based on a mod done on said av? Just curious.

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      Sorry for the lengthy delay in response..I really do not check on this site as often as I should!

      I honestly had to take a look at what these Bifrost Bunnies were, as I had never heard of them before. While I'm familiar with SecondLife, I have never actually played on there...so to answer, no, she's not based off them. :3 Least as far as I'm aware.

      Candy here was an adoptable I got from the artist Yuuri (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuuri), and Candy is part of what Yuuri dubbed as 'Unibuns'...which are a bunny/unicorn cross. It's why she has a horn on her forehead, as well as just a split-toe foot, instead of the usual rabbit's feet.

      I can DEFINITELY see why you might think they look pretty similar, what with the mark that goes around her belly and muzzle. But far as I'm aware, Yuuri wasn't inspired by those. :3

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        Many many thanks. I don't mind the reply-time, as it's not a big deal. My own check-cycle can be from days to weeks, so I wouldn't be overly concerned there.

        As tot he matter of the ONA Bifrost Bunny, VERY interesting note. A coincidence of an aesthetic nature. Should you, at some point, be interested in building this character as an avatar in Second Life, I would be most intrigued and quite willing to help. I believe I know where to get some leg warmers that can be re-textured into proper stockings, and I'm decently sure all the rest would also be available. You can find me any time on Second Life under the name of Rheia Silvercloud.

        I look forward to perhaps seeing you in-game at some point, as well as possibly hearing from you here, should you be so inclined. ^_^

        Yours always,