Welcome to the Furryland, home of Bartleby Lokieroo and his friends and the South Furryland Railway. This is an On30 scale model railway dedicated to the furry fandom with many engines, steam engines, diesel engines and even trolleys(or trams or streetcars as some folks may call them) Furryland is a bit like Zootopia where animals except for maybe some have evolved to being more intelligent, the only difference is that humans live here as well, you might find it's a little bit like Shining Time Station as well.

Bartleby Lokieroo is the railway's chief engineer and drives many locomotives and trolleys, he is a wise roo who loves steam engines and knows a lot about them and he loves seeing all his friends on the railway and they love seeing him as well. You'll see him quite a lot on the railway and like all engineers he knows every inch of the railway in it's territory.

For those who are interested here is an article I wrote on the Ask the Bachmann forum on the Bachmann trains website asking about Steel tracks on DCC systems for those who have profiles on the Ask the Bach Man page and are interested in replying.

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    Pawsome!!!! I am a model railroader and railfan and my dad got me into the hobby as a kid in the 1980s way before I became a furry. =^.^=

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    Hi friend! Thanks for the faves and watch. Be always welcome to my arts page.

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      It's good to see you here Bob.

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    Thanks for the fave