The Treasure Room- Animation by TheLeonard

The Treasure Room- Animation


23 May 2016 at 19:04:59 MDT

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So I thought it was finally my turn to upload this awesome video! If you've seen it already, there's nothing new here, but you should watch it again anyway, because it's sooo cool!

In these next 3 minutes watch me get unfairly terrorized by a tyrannical, over sized, charcoal colored lizard. (By the way, thank you everyone who has enjoyed this thing over the last few months! It's been so exciting for   Rhos and I to see how much people like it! ... You know, despite I'm the victim here.)

This began as a fun little 15 panel comic for a couple of friends that grew much bigger. It is a storyboard strung together in a video format with a little bit of animation at the end. And music!

Starring:   theLeonard as himself; our dashing if not a bit rogue-ish, and less than forward thinking protagonist.

Lowering himself to thievery in a desperate attempt to buy back his dragon Rhos (captured off screen by an outside force), Leonard enters an ancient temple, rumored to contain vast riches beyond imagination...

Also starring   Tarkustralszar as himself; the great, terrible, and horrifyingly large, lord of the ancient halls and all of its treasures.

Art and animation by   Rhos

Audio editing by   wolfbrother9393

Intro music (~0:03-0:43) by E.S Posthumus

Tarkustralszar Character Theme (~0:43-3:12) by   Luchs (Link to his music submission:

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