Above the Clouds by TheLeonard

Above the Clouds


23 May 2016 at 19:03:09 MDT

There are these moments where you know you have a good friend, where they do something so surprising, unexpected, and special that it makes your heart leap into your chest...

... Then they break through the clouds and you hold fast for dear life.

So this was an absolute surprise gift from The Great and Mighty   Tarkustralszar (For being such a large, greedy dragon he sure was feeling charitable). He just linked it to me one day and I swear I started screaming at him for ten minutes straight. I've never gotten a picture of Leonard and   Rhos flying before, so for him to think about that for a theme really is heart warming. And I have to say that the artist   Indui did such an incredible job! If you can believe it, she actually said she LIKED drawing these two characters, and I couldn't help but feel kinda giddy at that. For everyone involved, thank you so much for this. You've made a dragon rider so happy!

Makes whooshing flying sounds as Rhos beats her wings, soon tightly pressing his face close to her neck as she descends like a stone. The butterflies swarm in his stomach as he screams.

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