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Traditional Price Sheet 2014 by TheJeweledHorn

Traditional Price Sheet 2014


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Full Terms of Service:

  1. Payment(s): required before work begins on product. Payment to artist is considered acceptance of Terms of Service. Online work is payable through PayPal. In person work is payable through PayPal, cash, or credit cards. Payment plans available only on commissions over $100; plan is half the total cost must be paid before work begins. Final product will delivered after second half is paid. Currency must be USD; customer must convert their currency to USD before payment.

  2. Content: subject matter may range between all audiences and explicit erotica/pornography. Underage characters absolutely will not be drawn in explicit or suggestive situations. All other content is admissable.

  3. Prices: subject to change at artist's discretion. Pricing is based on several factors; primarily prices are affected by work load and style of art used but may also include frequent buyer or friend favoritism, how pleasant customer is during the commissioning process, and whether or not the requested content is pleasurable to draw. Price estimates are good for 1 month and may change after 1 month passes from original estimate.

  4. Changes During Production: products valued at $25 or below are produced without a sketch approval phase. Products valued $26 and up are produced with a sketch approval phase. Changes may include slight limb placements (“can her hand be facing the other way?”), anatomical issues (“can you make her breasts smaller and her legs a little longer?”), or accessory changes (“I'd prefer him to wear a thong instead of briefs,” or “can you include their collar?”). If customer requests a complete redo of the initial sketch, a $5 additional fee must be paid. Customer may also purchase a thumbnails pack for $3 before sketch phase begins to choose from sketch ideas and ensure best sketch; ask artist for details.

  5. Delivery: product delivered digitally no later than 4 months from date of payment unless otherwise specified by artist (though usually completed within 1 month). After 4 months, customer may request a full refund if no work has been begun. A partial refund will be issued if some work has been completed (example: a sketch) and customer would like to keep/display the product. Physical delivery of traditional work or digital badges will require a $2 shipping fee. Prints of digital commissions can be made and delivered upon request at cost to customer; print-quality versions of digital work will always be made available to customer. Product will be shipped no later than 1 month after initial digital delivery.

  6. Product Use: artist reserves the right to display art in public galleries online and in person. Artist reserves the right to sell or make profit off of commissioned product that does not feature specific characters. Product cannot be kept private though customer name can be kept private on request. Customer is allowed to use product for public displays, websites, charitable donations, or wearable items provided these are for personal use only and not for profits. Product must not be resold for more than its original value for 10 years after its completion date. Artist would prefer notice of all resales.

  7. Disputes: artist will give partial refunds in the following cases: if customer rejects a sketch completely but does not want to purchase an additional sketch to move forward with a more finished product; or if artist delays beginning work or shipping (see Delivery). If customer doesn't like the finished product for reasons of style, artist may choose to offer a courtesy partial refund or a courtesy discount on a different sketch.

  8. Bottom Line: don't be a butt, don't complain about my prices, and if you don't really like the way I draw something, don't commission me to do it then complain later.

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