The Jam Shark - Pvz GW Sun Pharaoh (Archive) by thejamshark

The Jam Shark - Pvz GW Sun Pharaoh (Archive)


18 April 2019 at 07:50:03 MDT

These characters are from the game: (Plants vs zombies Garden Warfare). This was some fan art i made of the Sun Pharaoh and an Ice peashooter reinforcement when the game was released in 2014. There use to be a green background to this drawing but i removed it because it looked pretty bad to be honest.

This is a fanart, I do not take ownership of these characters. They belong to EA & Popcap Games.

Sun Pharaoh & Ice Peacannon belong to © Popcap Games and EA Games 2014. There website:

Artwork Created by: The Jam Shark (Me) 2014-2019