The Jam Shark - Retired Dj (2018) by thejamshark

The Jam Shark - Retired Dj (2018)


11 April 2019 at 19:47:20 MDT

This drawing in my opinion was my best and the most time consuming project i had ever done. It took me a good 4 days (40+hours) to complete this. Kinda sucks to create something that took this long only to delete it less than a week later. That's why i am re-sharing this.

Anyways this was Dj Sound Plane #2 that was hired the day after Retired. This Dj was only hired from (April ‎14 - April ‎19, ‎2018) not even a week though before i forcefully discontinued being (Dj Sound Plane) all together.

I will explain the final reasoning why i discontinued (Dj Sound Plane) for good now. If you read the description from: It explains most of it there, but the major reason why i completely started over online is because Somebody decided it would be cool to invent an instrument, steal my name, and call it Sound Plane. At first i thought of it as no big deal, but then it started replacing my search results with the instrument. At that point it got really annoying. I never heard of the instrument when i created (Dj Sound Plane) and i always do name research before choosing my names to make sure they aren't taken. But somebody always has to ruin it for someone. Now someone has even claimed to be (Jam Shark) already, Which really ticks me off. Their content doesn't even match up to the name Jam shark, and they aren't even a shark or shark related. So we'll see what happens next (IF) i have to yet again do a name change.

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