The Jam Shark - Retired Dj (2012-2018) by thejamshark

The Jam Shark - Retired Dj (2012-2018)


10 April 2019 at 16:51:49 MDT

This was the DJ that started it all from 2012 to 2018. He made hundreds of drawings and 43 total songs with a few mega-mixes and remixes that never made it to the public. His name was (Dj Sound Plane). He had a lot of good and bad times from the beginning to sadly his retirement on April ‎13, ‎2018. I will explain why i never continued this DJ in the next paragraph. This DJ was half Boeing 747 and half Doberman Pinscher (A Dogo plane or Plog). It was a crazy idea that was thought up shortly after 2012 because i love dobermans and use to like Airplanes. This will be the only (Profile pic) of him i will share. He will be present in a few other drawings that i have to upload later though.

Here's why i retired this DJ. It's been 6 years using him and i personally didn't feel like i was getting anywhere with him. I worked very hard keeping up with songs and drawing content as him only to receive little feedback across all websites. So around 2018 i got to thinking that using this character as my public image was hurting my exposure. There was a lot of online issues i was having as well that i think damaged this DJ from fitting into the community. So i felt after all the problems i caused or got into, that it was time to wipe this DJ from the internet. Thus also causing me to regret being interested in aircraft all together.

This is only 1 of 2 Dj Sound Plane's that i will be sharing with you. After Retiring this one i made a new one that only lasted a week. Check it out here:

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