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Gouyou-Kyuukyuu Sentai Blazerangers by TheGridKeeper

Gouyou-Kyuukyuu Sentai Blazerangers


Here's the 4th team of my rangerverse, but this team are fan-made characters of canon PR characters.

Sentai name: Gouyou-Kyuukyuu Sentai Blazerangers
Translation: Fire rescue Taskforce Blaze Rangers
Adaption name: Power Rangers Fire Rescue

From left to right:

RedBlazer/Red Rescue Ranger - Male - Davis Grayson - Fire Engine - Humanoid form/Torso for megazord
BlueBlazer/Blue Rescue Ranger - Male - Marco Lee - Speedboat - Right leg
GreenBlazer/Green Rescue Ranger - Dixon Fairweather - Male - Bulldozer - Left leg
YellowBlazer/Yellow Rescue Ranger - Female - Jessica "Jessie" Rawlings - Helicopter - Chest & Head
PinkBlazer/Pink Rescue Ranger - Female - Hannah Grayson - Hummer - Arms

IceBreaker/Blizzard Rescue Ranger (White w/Cyan accents) - Male - Aruu - Sabertooth Tiger - Humanoid mode

Freeze King Megazord - A power-up mode for IceBraker's zord when combine with Blue.Green, Yellow and PinkBlazers' zords.

Sabertooth Tiger - Torso & arms
Speedboat - Right leg
Bulldozer - Left leg
Helicopter - Chest
Hummer - Shoulder Rockets

Carrierzord - A heavy-duty auxillary zord to aid the rangers in dire situations
Grey - Aircraft Carrier - Titan Megazord

Hyper Rescue Ultrazord - The most power Megazord in the BlazeRangers' arsenal.
Aircraft Carrier - Body
Fire Engine - Left leg
Sabertooth - Right leg
Speedboat - Right arm
Bulldozer - Left arm
Helicopter - Chest
Hummer - Shoulder Rockets


  • Davis & Hannah are twin siblings and children of Carter Grayson, Red Lightspeed ranger.
  • Marco Lee is the son of Chan Lee, Blue Lightspeed ranger.
  • Dixon Fairweather is Angela Fairweather's nephew who is the son of her brother which makes him Jessie's cousin.
  • Jessie Rawlings is the daughter of Joel Rawlings & Angela Fairweather and Dixon's cousin.
  • Aruu is a Caveman frozen in ice for 100,000 yrs. He has a case of Pyrophobia, the fear of fire.

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