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Commissions and Character Sales

on 24 February 2019 at 22:43:12 MST

Due to some health issues I owe quite a bit of money so I'm gonna try and push my comms and char sales to make up the difference ahhh

First off Comms!
Headshots $2
Shading: +.50
Simple background +.50,h_894,strp/i_just_tell_it_how_it_is_by_thegeekynobody_dbbeigk-pre.png,h_894,strp/artfight_2018_9_by_thegeekynobody_dcgnihv-pre.png,h_894,q_70,strp/audacity_icon_by_thegeekynobody_dcfig1n-pre.jpg

Halfbodies: $5
Add a character +$2
Shading +$1
Background +$1 for simple/abstract +$2 for more complex

Fullbodies: $10
Add another character +$5
Background Simple/abstract +$2 Complex +4
Shading +$3


Designs: 10-15$

Ask me about anything not listed!

Character Sales:
Everyone in this th is up for offers (I'll try and go through and put price ranges soon). Anyone who has a number listed can be negotiated.

You can also offer on chars in my main provided they do not have a NFT tag, although I cannot guarantee I will be as willing to part with everyone here

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    Hey! I just wanted to pop by and say keep up the good work- your stuff is really nice! :3

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      Thanks ^u^

      I kinda forgot about this site, so I just posted the better stuff from my DA. I'm gonna try and post when I draw things, instead of waiting a long time and mass uploading haha.

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    Yooooo good to see you here 8D

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      This place is pretty cool. I'm still figuring things out and uploading the highlights of my DA Gallery (There are far too many things for me to upload everything haha)

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        Yeah man. I really like it here. I am too figuring out things :o i like the setup of this place though :>

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          I figured out submissions at least and have everything uploaded for now

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    Ask me about commissions, prices depend on what you want, but I work pretty cheaply.