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Blub Blub by TheEvilTeaDrinker

Blub Blub


3 June 2014 at 12:06:43 MDT

Welp! The IP Pageant on deviantart posted a journal yesterday announcing the first round of the contest! Admittedly I was a tad bit TOO excited by the subject. Tikah happens to come from a tropical part of planet Vort, so being in the water is something she is well acquainted to. Not to mention it was fun to show her doing one of her favorite hobbies, other than tinkering with machines, surfing~!

Tikah ain't really the type of girl to show too much skin in any circumstance. Surfing and water sports are no difference there. No bikini or anything like that for this girlie. All big ol wet suits and zippers. Cause she is just so ...Fun like that. No extra skin showing that isn't necessary.

Also yes, Tikah totally talks to little robots and animals when alone. I think she needs a boyfriend.. or some .. friends.