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Technical Malfunction by TheEvilTeaDrinker (critique requested)

Technical Malfunction (critique requested)


1 April 2014 at 10:18:08 MDT

And here we have the reclusive Enya working away on some damaged wires, it truly is fortunate she is a small gal otherwise she might not have fit up there to fix the problem. What ever that problem may be, perhaps there are some rodents running around chewing through wires like the suicidal creatures they are. Unfortunately that leaves her to clean up the messes, not entirely sure she minds though. As long as the creatures aren't still alive and kicking when she comes around I imagine.

If any of you were not aware recently I designed a new main outfit for little Enya~! For comic purposes I figured I should get around and design some more Sci-fi themed outfits for the characters involved. Expect more of these in the future, anyways though you can find the reference for her new outfit posted on my lovely friend headamuse's page~!
NEw.THREADs[SKULLIft.enya] by headamuse

We had both been working on new outfits for some characters, and with a little tweaking after realizing the poses worked well together we ended up with this~!

Enya and art belongs to TheEvilTeaDrinker