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Quiet in the Library by TheEvilTeaDrinker (critique requested)

Quiet in the Library (critique requested)


He just wants to give her a surprise hug right?

He's gonna have her for dinner?
What a gentlemen!

So for those of you who don't recall. This beautiful monster here, with the glorious smile was a product of one of my request livestreams.
After some playing around with design concepts, I figured why not, lets make a sentient alien species that isn't all humanoid in form~!

SO, without further procrastination on the subject~! I would like to introduce you to Ettiyut~!!

Ettiyut is from an ancient predatory species, and lives his days out in the ruins of a library. Anyone is welcome to come inside, though once you enter this place of knowledge it will become quickly apparent it is more of a maze than anything else.
It is filled with ancient documents, from hundreds to thousands of years ago. Stretching farther back than some remember, to the present day. As you go deeper into its depths, the scrolls begin to hold newer and more relevant information. Sometimes containing information that shouldn't exist, on people, politics, and most of all. Secrets.

Perhaps if you are lucky you might discover a few scrolls about yourself buried in the racks of paper.
After weaving through the massive structure, in the center there is a long work table, ink and scrolls littering its surface.
This is Ettiyut's home. He is in many ways is devoid of most things that we take for granted.

Primarily his ability to process emotions like others might. He is able to feel a few things, curiosity, amusement, anger, but the strong ones are far from his grasp. It is this strong curiosity for understanding that drives this creature.

Ettiyut can obtain information from someone, on their lives, their memories, experiences, if he gets to them within a certain window of time. If he can consume the brain before they die and the signals stop firing in the organ. In other words when the organ is still alive, he can absorb the knowledge and experiences from his 'victims' this way.
These are the things he writes, he documents, trying to understand the meaning behind them.
He constantly adds to his library, and is willing to let anyone come and look through it. Of course, coming inside of his home doesn't mean they will be able to leave. He will hunt them, and he will take what he can get from them. Add them to his vast and growing collection.

His library is his home.
His library is his territory.
It is a maze of bookshelves he has built into a trap.
A labyrinth of text to confuse those who enter, making it easy for them to loose their way.

While he is cold, and merciless creature, when it comes to his hunt there is a certain type of being he will refuse harm.

He will not kill children.

They are too young, too innocent, and too inexperienced. They still have the world to see and things to learn, they have nothing to give him with their deaths. He will tolerate, and for the most part merely ignore their presence if some manage to find their way into his home. Sometimes perhaps care for those who linger in his presence, though as you can imagine, with a face and 'hobby' like his, most of the children that come across him do not stick around long

Does it make complete scientific sense?
Do I really care at this point because it is Sci-fi?
Nope~! <D

The cute little girlie he got there with him though, still undecided what to do with her. Might make her into a new OC of mine, I like her design too much to just discard her. Or I might make her into an adoptable that people can bid on. We will Just have to see now won't we~?

I was trying some new styles of coloring and cell shading in this image, and truthfully I am thrilled with the results. I am eager to hear your thought on it, do you like the new coloring style? Or is there a different one I have done in the past that you prefered? Let me know~!

Ettiyut and unnamed girlie along with art belong to TheEvilTeaDrinker