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Cave of Crystals by TheEvilTeaDrinker

Cave of Crystals


17 January 2014 at 22:46:02 MST

Okay, I admit, i have always had a love for crystals and their beauty. My grandfather would collect rocks and polish them, and I grew up having boxes of them around the house. I always have marveled at how beautifully they reflect the light of the area around them, or the small tiny fragments of changing color hues that go into the rocks. So, I set myself about the task of trying to replicate some simple crystals in an image.

This is the result of such experimentation.

Almaca's species primarily lives underground, the planet they occupy is very hostile on the surface, not because of the creatures, but because of the planet itself. Much of the landscape appearing like a desert made out obsidian like shards of sand. It is beneath the ground where the true beauty lies. Entire cities hidden beneath the surface some structures hand made, others created by nature. They are a peaceful people, not reliant on technology like other races, though not unacquainted with them either. They welcome strangers, and assist those they can when they become lost in the hostile environment of the world above.
It may be difficult to find a kinder mass of creatures.

Alma and his species belong to Me~

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