Military Artwork #2 - Winter Foxhole by The Evil Fox

Military Artwork #2 - Winter Foxhole

The Evil Fox

2 August 2015 at 15:10:44 MDT


Original artist - Neko-maya

This was inspired by a particular occasion when, during my military service, I stood watch in the forest at night with the temperature well below -30 centigrade. The completely clear, full-mooned winter sky was so beautiful that it left a permanent positive mental image.

I wanted to immortalize that occasion by commissioning this piece from Neko, because she draws elemental effects wonderfully. We had a slight communication breakdown and Neko interpreted the military term for foxhole like this. It was my fault, I should've remembered that not everyone speaks military. But I think the little mix-up made for a very cute image with an added a little pun as a bonus.


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