Military artwork #1 - The Fox and the IFV by The Evil Fox

Military artwork #1 - The Fox and the IFV

The Evil Fox

24 July 2015 at 06:03:43 MDT


Original artist - iPoke

To commemorate my service in the Finnish armed forces I commissioned this piece from the awesome iPoke!

The details are exact: the uniform, the vehicle (event the damn vehicle number) and headgear, are all the ones I used myself while in the army. iPoke did an awesome job of fitting the helmet, that was defnintely not desinged to fit on the head of a fox, on my character. I honestly didn't expect him to pull that off.

This is Scar enjoying some field rations after some time at the front in his CV 9030FIN in the background.

I fell in love with these IFVs and this (171-5) one particularly during the 8 months I spent with them. She had her own little nuances t that distinguished her from the other the CVs and I wouldn't want it any other way.


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