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Hello, everyfur. :) My name is Bunny, and I'm the sole-proprietor of Cavy Fire Studios. I make mostly pottery with cute things on it, but I'll post some of my drawings and paintings here, too.

I'm a fierce advocate for the rights of animals, and am in a loving, monogamous relationship with MrShrike. I earned my BA in ceramics at EWU in 2011, and have a kiln named Fred sitting in my garage. I have six house rabbits (all rescues! I do NOT condone breeding), three noisy guinea pig girls, a huge gray tabby cat, and a silver dollar fish named Dudefish.

I rarely take commissions anymore, because I am the worst artist EVER for turnaround times, due to the many herniated discs in my thoracic spine (and I sadly find custom work roaringly boring), but I try to keep a wide variety of animals in my pottery illustrations.

I was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which frickin' sucks. However, I'm hopefully starting new medications soon and will begin posting art more regularly. :)




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    Hey, I bought one of your mugs at RF a couple years ago, and I just wanted to say that it's held up great after all this time and it's still both me and my family's favorite coffee cup. Thanks for all your work! =)

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    Psst, you think you'd ever make a rattie mug? o3o

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      Sadly, I cannot make commissions anymore. I got diagnosed with a terrible degenerative disease and my ability to make pottery has become sketchy, at hands are pretty much useless, anymore. We'll see what happens when my stupid insurance finally covers the medication I need to go into remission, but for the moment, I can't... :'(

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        offers hugs I'm sorry darlin' :c and I hope your insurance gets its ass in gear and covers your meds, because that's a whoooole lot of bull that they're currently not. That's what they're supposed to be there for, so >:U COVER MY CAVY FRIEND, INSURANCE.

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    Mad love for ceramic work, and yours is just stunning <3 I haven't made anything ceramic since I graduated university, mostly because lack of funds to grab everything that goes along with ceramics, and I dearly miss throwing clay on the wheel, or whipping up somethin' neat D: It's so refreshing to find ceramic artists on furry sites, as they're few and far between!

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    Check out the dollmaker I found! Exclusively rabbits!