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Free Lance artist and illustrator.

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service
1. Commissions
To order a commission, please send a note on furaffinity or email to: caitlin.como[at] with a description of what you'd like to order and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. Payment
    I accept payment preferred via PayPal. Other forms of payments such like snail mail. Commission must be paid in full before work will begin.

  2. Refunds, Cancellations and Revisions
    I do not do refunds so please be certain of what you would like to order before placing it. in a situation I cannot complete your commission due to specific reason, I will provide you a full refund.
    Revisions to a sculpture or drawing may be made within reason. Multiple revisions will require a fee.
    For Sculptures: revisions may be made in the blocking out stage for no additional cost, this includes changing pose or proportions. Once definition and detailing to the character has begun revision may be made, within reason and it is at my discretion to determine the fee related to how much has to be changed. Once a character is in the finally sculpting stages minor revisions can happen. Poses and proportions cannot be changed at this time. Fees are up to my discretion.
    For Drawings Revisions can be made in the sketch stage for free such as changing poses or proportions. After lines are inked revisions can be made but it is up to my determination the fee in regards to how much is being changed.
    Also I reserve the right to cancel a commission due poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior by the Client.

  3. Estimated Waiting Time
    Please be aware that I'm very busy artist and work full time in real life. That means I work within a wide time frame on commissions, so I cannot guarantee any time when your commission order will be completed. I will try my best to get it done within a couple weeks of order but I cannot promise and exact date. Please be patient, I'm trying my best to take the most of the time as possible to grant with the best quality for your commission order.
    Feel free politely to send a note/email asking me about your commission status.

  4. Shipping
    Currently I will only be shipping within the US until I get more familiar with my commission process and shipping process. This may change in the future, look for updates. Costs included in the mailing process are shipping, packing and gas. Shipping will be on the higher side due to the fact I will be shipping sculptures that require me to purchase foam to safely pack them to prevent accidents in transit and a large enough box to accommodate the foam and sculpture.
    I am not responsible for any damages that happen during the mailing process, I will make certain to package your artwork with the up most care to prevent anything tragic from happening but I do not control the post office.

  5. Usage and Rights
    I reserve all the rights to the commission work. I have right to use the commissioned work to produce prints. I reserve full rights to display commissioned artwork in my Art Portfolio.
    The Client may not make and sell prints of the artwork, or profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original. This artwork can be photographed to use as an icon, wallpaper or other non-commercial formats. The Client may also upload the artwork to their personal website or gallery, but credit is required in the form of a link back to the artist's gallery or recognition by the artist’s name for any piece of artwork.
    The Client cannot claim that they or someone else made this sculpture besides me. (The Client cannot claim my work as their own)

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to ask. :3

By ordering a commission from me, the Client is agreeing to all the rules above.

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