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Tribal Origins by The_Dove

Tribal Origins


9 February 2017 at 12:42:52 MST

It was around the time I fully became involved with furries and came out of the closet as a true furry a couple years back. Back then, I didn't know anyone or have any contacts into this new venture. However, that all soon changed when I started forging my own relationships. Two of those relationships were Aleutia the Weasel ( and Kalahari Fox (, the latter of whom really instilled in me an interest in tribal designs and patterns. I was already in the process of thinking about fursona, and I knew I wanted to have some tribal design to my character. When I was at Goodwill one day, I found this necklace, and it immediately made me think of my budding interest in the style, so I decided to buy it. Honestly, I don't recall wearing necklaces before that, well as often as I did starting from there I mean. Regardless, this necklace is one I still have today and represents part of my introduction into the fandom. Although Harkin Dove's necklace eventually turned out different, this one, was in and of itself, somewhat of an origin point for it all.

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