Demon Ferret Sandals by The Demon Ferret

Demon Ferret Sandals

The Demon Ferret

9 September 2015 at 18:56:47 MDT

NOTE: I did not make these feet. They were commissioned from the extraordinarily talented LobitaWorks LobitaWorks. Go check em out!!!!

I am OPEN for commissions!!!!! Send me an e-mail, note here, or on DeviantArt or Furaffinity, if interested ^^

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Made some fursuit sandals! I’m still perfecting how to make sandals on measurements only, but once I do, I plan on offering them for commission. These have standard nylon strapping and parachute buckle hardware, with the bottoms made of exercise foam mat, and all of that sealed and protected with a layer of solid rubber flooring. The buckles sit on the inside face of the foot, to help tell left from right, and it gives em a cool look.

These sandals took me about 5 hours to make. I’m not sure how I would price them yet, since the labor needed to make these was extensive (the rubber can only be cut with a jigsaw, which I used to cut all of the sole shapes).

Pros: super durable, looks nice, and no interfering toe straps.
Cons: weight. The rubber weighs down the feet, which makes em slip off a bit sometimes while walking. It’s super easy to slip them back though.

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    Nice! Those look really secure.

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      Thanks!! They're a tad wobbly, but if they were too tight, it'd get too uncomfortable XD