Chrysopsyche mirifica by TheDaytimeHeroes

Chrysopsyche mirifica


13 January 2013 at 12:29:35 MST

This was a really cool commission to do. I was contacted by a scientist in Russia, wondering if I would be willing to do some scientific illustrations for a book he was creating, the subject being African Moths.

Um, yes please?!

I'm in school for science, so that's a plus. I love moths and butterflies, so another plus. And this guy contacted me out of the blue, saying that he has been searching for an artist for a long time and decided on me. How flattering!

So this is Chrysopsyche mirifica, a species of a moth that resides in Africa. Fuzzy little buggers, or lady, since this is the female of the species. That was always a strange concept for me, genders for insects. But I mean, really, they are eukarya, so why wouldn't they? Hell, plants have dude and lady parts!

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    Sweet work. You've definitely shown attention to detail in doing this. I just saw it posted (with credit to you & a link here) on, so you might be getting more visitors like me. I've also done some moth paintings there, so it's really cool to see another artist doing detailed realistic true-to-life art of moth species. Congratulations on being asked to do those illustrations; that's a pretty cool job!