Negative Light by TheDaytimeHeroes

Negative Light


8 December 2012 at 00:45:14 MST

So I've been wanting to enter this contest on DA, but time has been NON-EXISTENT. But I'm feeling like crud tonight and I've been studying all bloody day, so I figured I was A-okay for a little break.

Went digital because...well I didn't feel like messing up my work station with my painting equipment. And didn't want the temptation to keep painting instead of studying. Even through I still have 2 large commissions to finish before the 20th. Ugh.

So anywhoodle, we had to snag a random two-word phrase from the Random Phrase Generator, and depict it. I got the words "Negative Light". So brain went a-whirring and I thought HOLY CRAP BLACK HOLES.

..Some days my brain gets a little fried.

I went through about...4 concepts before I settled on this one, mostly because I knew I could do a good job with the actual paint job. And I like eyes, but I think that goes without saying.

And this is a theoretical black hole, image-wise, Dani style. So please don't go all Textbook Prof on me. Or I'll pull out the "Artistic License Sword" on your sorry arse.

I'd give ya some Black Hole Fun Facts ('cause we all love 'em!), but I'm tired. Perhaps tomorrow.

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    *gets swept away looking into that*

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    WOW that is beautiful!!

    I got decimal toast.