With the Strength of an Eagle by TheDaytimeHeroes

With the Strength of an Eagle


15 November 2012 at 21:24:42 MST

Like an eagle, you float upwards on the warm spirals of air of daily life, small lifts and dives, slight twists and turns, deviations from the typical are rare.

But suddenly, a storm morphs from the average, tragic winds and devastating rains drill through your strong exterior like bullets. Your ideal world shatters, and you're flying lower and lower, your eagle spirit barely gracing over the bedrock of your conscience, struggling the weather the storm.

In your lowest moment, you feel a burst of energy in your core, the energy slowly filling your spirit with the initial inklings of a feeling called hope. Slowly your eagle strength returns, and with each beat of your heart and wings, you soar higher and higher. This storm can be beat, this rough time can be surpassed. But most importantly, this storm can be learned from.

In the lowest moment, hope for a better day can be found, and this can help you soar back to the clear days.

The eagle can choose to avoid all possibilities of a storm by never flying, but the eagle will not let the fear of the storm, the fear of the unexpected, interfere with life. With the strength of an eagle, you can find a way to not only live without the fear of the unexpected, but to welcome it, because in your darkest moments you will find strength.


This piece of mine will be on display (and for sale) at a gallery in my city, I'm pretty excited. I'll be one of 50 artists taking part in a show themed "The Unexpected". I really struggled coming up with something for this one, but my lovely Kerner helped me. He may not be a painter but he does have some excellent visions. <3

So naturally I wanted to do a feather painting, because when I brought a feather in years ago (my first feather I had ever painted on actually), they almost peed themselves with joy.

Enjoy!! :heart:

Reference : http://alaskastock.deviantart.com/art/Eagle-35-187089183

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