The Littlest Pangolin - Sculpture by TheDaytimeHeroes

The Littlest Pangolin - Sculpture


31 January 2014 at 23:23:29 MST

When I asked for suggestions a very short while back, I was instantly inspired by *shepaintswithblood's (dA) suggestion of a pangolin! I knew I had to give one a shot, such wonderful little creatures.

That being said, I'd totally dig hearing suggestions in regards to sculptures! Keep in mind that these are not requests, but simply suggestions for subjects (so no personal characters, etc). And if your suggestion does tickle my fancy and I sculpt it up, I'll mention ya in the submission description. C:

Took awhile to decide on a pose, so I drew up a couple sketches and went with this one. I may add to it later, possibly pose a butterfly or a smaller pangolin reaching for a butterfly on the tail.

I originally was not going to go with wings, but it was very hard to balance this little guy on his back, so wings it would be. Naturally went with moth wings, choosing a Luna Moth for the shape and pattern (although not colouration).

I love the little feeties <3<3

Enjoy folks!

For sale in my Etsy shop!

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    OOOOOOHHHH thats really really good!! im awful at sculpting so this shit's like black magic to me lol

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      My first attempt was pretty sad, but all you need is practice!

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    also if you're looking for suggestions, what about a maned wolf? their weird stilt-legs would look neat as heck in your sculpting style :o

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    This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen o-o

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    Oh man this is so awesome! If it's still there when I get paid in all over it! So darn cute!

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      Thank you!
      I could put the little guy on hold if you would like c:

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        Oh man, really? I would love that! I get paid on Friday, if you don't mind sending me a reminder on Friday I will happily get this then!

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        I should clarify, I have an inner ear disease which causes memory loss, so I wrote myself a sticky note but it also helps me if the person I'm buying from reminds me. Sorry if that's inconvenient.

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    Pangolins are awesome and this is adorable! <3