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Mess - A Cover of Journals


26 January 2014 at 16:25:09 MST

Or just a journal. Which contains a collection of scientific papers written by my fellow undergrad students at the university that I attend. I love that school. I was approached by the council, asked if I could volunteer my time to come up with a cover design for the publication collection. Not exactly sure how they found me, but I am flattered! C:

I struggled with the design for months. I had no inspiration for it, and school got in the way so it went on the backburners. So school was finally done, time for the design. Thinking to myself, "how can I make this enjoyable..."
Simply. Add butterflies/moths.

So meet Mr. Atlas Moth, Mother Earth, a variety of microorganisms, and some molecules. Brownie points for naming the molecules and their general classification!

Couple of hours, done with acrylics and a touch of coloured pencil for detail.

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    This is stunning, I adore Atlas moths. Will prints ever be available?

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      Thank you! They are some of my favorites. :)
      Mm unfortunately not, this was a sort of "commission", but I know I'll end up doing more pieces like this in the future.